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What size trash bags do I need for my garbage can? What thickness trash bags do I need? What's the difference between low density and high density trash bags? What are the most common trash can sizes?

Note: These products can be cased packed or coreless




Our trash bag line also includes low density, high density, reprocessed liners, and high clarity for food service. If your company is becoming more eco-friendly, check out our biodegradable, compostable trash bags that fit 13 to 64-gallon size garbage cans. Our trash bags are manufactured using a star seal. This process is done by folding the bottom of the trash bag over several times and heat sealing it, virtually eliminating any leakage.

Many of our garbage bags come in a handy top-side dual dispensing box for easy application.


Conversion table of Trash Bag Gallon Capacity to Actual Length and Width of Garbage Bag

Size Mil Thickness Gallon Load (Dry weight in lbs.)
20 x 21 0.35 7 gallons 7 lbs.
24 x 23 0.35 8-10 gallons 10 lbs.
24 x 32 0.35 16-20 gallons 10 lbs.
30 x 36 0.50 20-30 gallons 20 lbs.
30 x 36 0.70 20-30 gallons 30 lbs.
33 x 39 0.50 33 gallons 20 lbs.
33 x 39 0.65 33 gallons 40 lbs.
36 x 58 0.70 55 gallons 40 lbs.
38 x 58 0.55 60 gallons 30 lbs.
38 x 58 0.70 60 gallons 40 lbs.
40 x 46 0.50 40-45 gallons 30 lbs.
40 x 46 0.70 40-45 gallons 30 lbs.
43 x 47 0.70 56 gallons 40 lbs.


Different manufacturers produce a trash can liner that "can fit" a specific gallon trash can, but the garbage bag could be a little large for particular gallon trash can size. For example, a 38" X 39" trash bag is the correct size for a garbage can that is 32 gallons, but a 40" x 46" can liner also fits a 32-gallon garbage can, but you will waste 43% of the plastic. Another example is a 30" X 45" trash bag that will correctly fit a 23-gallon garbage can, while a 38" X58" will work too, but you will have a 63% waste increase. If you need help choosing the correct trash bag for your application, please get in touch with us today.


What are Linear Low-Density Trash Can Bags?

LLDPE trash bags are often thicker than HDPE, and they offer good tensile strength but less tensile strength than HDPE. LLDPE offers better puncture resistance when compared to HDPE, and this poly also has a more delicate feel than HDPE. LLDPE is ideal for small trash cans, and heavy-duty bags are great for more rigorous applications such as yard refuse bags and industrial or organizational waste. This material is also a cost-effective means for larger refuse bins with trash that has sharp edges but is not too weighty.


What are High-Density Trash Can Bags?

Our HDPE refuse can liners are perfect for use in areas where sharp corners aren't found in the refuse going into the refuse can. The smaller sizes are ideal for office use, while the trash bags with the larger dimensions are superb for more bulky loads that don't have too many sharp items. Our star-sealed design provides extra security and prevents leaks.

Type Puncture Resistance Tear Resistance Load Capacity
LLDPE Good Resistance Greater Resistance Good Load Capacity
HDPE Greater Resistance Good Resistance Greater Load Capacity


Gauge is a term used to describe thickness. Film thickness is no longer the standard for judging plastic can liner strength. Advanced resins and additives have allowed manufacturers to produce thinner, lighter can liners that are stronger than thicker trash can liners made from lesser quality materials. Linear Low-Density Can Liners (LLD) are measured by mil thickness; High-Density Can Liners (HD) are calculated by Micron thickness. Mil - (one-thousandth of an inch) - One mil equals .001". Can liners range between .35 to 4.0 mils Micron - 25.4 microns equal .001". One thousand microns (M) is 1mm. Can liners range between 5 to 24 microns

Mil Thickness Micron Equivalent
0.23 6
0.31 8
0.39 10
0.55 12
0.62 14
0.70 16
0.78 18
0.86 20
0.94 22


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