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Polypropylene bags are a great choice for preserving freshness in your products while providing exceptional clarity for the best presentation. When used for perishable products, they can greatly extend the shelf life due to their excellent vapor and moisture barrier properties. We offer several different styles and other specialty polypropylene bags.

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It is difficult for online consumers to know the differences between what is promoted as cello bags and polypropylene bags. The main distinction is that cello bags are made from biaxially oriented polypropylene with a back seam and many of the same qualities as true cellophane Bags, yet they are more economical. Also, different materials are used in combination with BOPP to suit the many different uses. We have many a number of styles for limitless applications of cello bags, cellophane bags, and polypropylene bags.


Materials used in Cello Bags

Acrylic Coated

  • Oriented polypropylene core with an acrylic coating on each side.
  • Offers outstanding clarity and sparkle.
  • Good moisture protection.
  • Applications: Candy, Wrapped Candies, Gift Cards, Floral Corsages, Retail Gift Sets

Saran (PvDC) Coated

  • Oriented polypropylene core with an acrylic coating on one side and a Saran coating on the opposite side.
  • Offers nice clarity and sparkle.
  • Good moisture and oxygen protection.
  • Applications: Rack/Peg Candy, Chocolates, Nuts, Pasta, Bakery Items, Snack Mixes, Soup Mixes, Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Spices

Uncoated Polypropylene

  • A polypropylene core and sealant layers.
  • Offers medium clarity and good stiffness in higher gauges.
  • Good moisture protection.
  • Applications: Pasta, Potpourri, Soup Mixes, Spices, Brittles, Candy, Retail Gift Sets, Frozen applications, Food Service Items

Uncoated BOPP with PE Lamination

  • COEX polypropylene with a peelable seal layer on the inside.

  • Offers medium clarity and good stiffness.
  • It provides easy opening and resists tearing like what is common with OPP.
  • Ideal for multi-serve applications.
  • Applications: Popcorn, Granola, Nuts, Candy, Pasta, Soup Mixes, Snack Mixes
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