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Cone Shaped Bags


Used as party favor bags, wedding gift bags, and candy bags.


1.2 Mil CPP (Cast Polypropylene) material provides ideal visibility and a high tear resistance.

  • Food Contact: 1.2 Mil CPP (cast polypropylene) is suitable for most applications involving direct Contact with foodstuffs. They are manufactured to meet current Food Contact regulations. FDA approved.
  • Film Storage: These bags should be stored in its original wrapping away from any source of local heating or direct sunlight at temperatures between 60-75°F and at a relative humidity of 35-55%. Unlike Cellophane, these CPP bags do not have a shelf life.
  • Performance: Your product is unique, different from other products. Some products react to oxygen, while moisture is an issue for others. We recommend that you perform a shelf-life test. Only you know how your product should look and taste. We also recommend a thorough test of bag strength, appearance, label adherence and sealing.


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